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something better goes here

maybe i'll get around to a real profile one day. not today though
(jsyk don't be afraid, i don't bite and am definitely chill)

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altruistic hero type, ancient rome, astrology, astronomy, bass, books, characters of questionable morality, discovery channel, dr. pepper, fiction, freedom of speech, fucking fresca, gerard way, guitar, harry potter, heroes, house, house md, hugh laurie, internet, jack sparrow, james wilson's awesome, johnny depp, last page's last line, latin, middle of the night, mike rowe's epic fail, mikey way, moments between awake/asleep, movies, music, my chemical romance, night, pens, photography, piano, pirates of the caribbean, potc, rain, reading, sharpies, shitty dismal weather, sirius black, snow, spell check, spinny chairs, stars, the two captains jack, torchwood, violin, winter, writers, writing,
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